"The traditional native breed that meets
the needs of the 21st century"
  • Lincoln Reds Top 6,500 Guineas

    At the English Premier Spring Show & Sale held on Saturday 12th March 2016 at Newark Livestock Market:Michael Read’s Junior & Reserve Supreme Champion Linco


  • East of England Smithfield Festival 2015

    Supreme Champion Ribs from R E Needham & Son - Lincoln Red x British Blue.  Please click here to see Report from Newark Multibreed Calf Show and East of England


  • 4000Gns top priced Lincoln Red Bull & 2900Gns top priced Lincoln Red Female

    To see Report from our Lincoln Red 2015 Autumn Show & Sale please click here


  • Brackenhurst Ranger

    You can order straws from Brackenhurst Ranger now.  Please contact the office to place an order.


  • DUKE OF NORFOLK PERPETUAL TROPHY won by Lincoln Red Team at Smithfield Festival 5th December 2014

      It's taken 32 years; 1982 was the last time a Lincoln Red Team of three won the Duke of Norfolk Trophy.  Back then it was won by Alan Willson's Team of Linco



About UsThe Lincoln Red – a breed with ancient origins. The ancestors of this magnificent bull were probably brought in by the Viking invaders of Britain.

We would like to introduce you to the Lincoln Red, one of the oldest of the UK’s native beef breeds. A polled animal, well fleshed with a deep cherry-red coat, a wide muzzle and well placed legs and sturdy feet, ideally suited to range conditions. Originally dual-purpose, the Lincoln Red female makes an excellent easy calving suckler cow. Either pedigree or crossbred, the resulting progeny grow rapidly and can be finished under many different systems either grazing or more intensively, producing marbled, flavourful, succulent beef.